Harvest 2017 - was it a good one?

 May 2017

Well it started off OK in the spring - until 'fruit set', when the good old N-Westerly winds picked up and gave the vines a bit of a battering.  Generally much of summer was on the cool side until lovely warm days and cool nights in autumn made amends.  Perfect for Pinot ripening!  So the vines caught up, the fruit ripened well and the quality was great, although the yields were reduced from the smaller bunch weights.

Every year we enjoy the multi-national crew that join us and our local Vinewise team to help bring the harvest in.

This year we had folks from Vanuatu, Japan, France, UK, and even a few from as far away as Cromwell!

 So thank you to all the crew from Vinewise for a successful couple of days harvesting!

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