Harvest 2018

Our Harvest 2018 is complete, wines are maturing in the winery and we are celebrating the end of an extraordinary season.  It started early - no spring frosts to fight – not one sleep-deprived night!!   It continued apace and  the pressure to keep up was relentless.


December and January were hotter and drier than we have experienced in 17 years of grape-growing and it could have been disastrous for thin-skinned pinot noir if those conditions had persisted  for any longer– but we were all saved by some rain and cooler temperatures in February.


We have never harvested so early.  To illustrate, this took place from 9th-20th March, a full 3-4 weeks before our usual average of 1st-18th April.  Despite the speed of ripening, the  fruit came in with great flavours and the winemakers are excited by what they have brewing away!


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