TOSQ features in "Downinedin" Magazine

October 2016

Caroline Davies puts out a sumptuous quarterly online read incorporating the lifestyle, culture and landscapes of Dunedin and Otago.  We felt privileged to be included in this publication, alongside the likes of David Howard, Maggie Holmes, Rachel Bailey, John Howell and other numerous talents.  

Something caught Thomo's eye in the magazine - in his early twenties he climbed the Caroline Face of Mt Cook with good friend Simon Ritchie - it was an extreme undertaking that they were lucky to survive and had a profound effect on his future.  He remembers well, Simon grappling his way toward the upper reaches of the summit ice field, quite strung out and totally exhausted but managing to hang on by blurting out melodies from Shostakovich's 8th Symphony - a rather alarming experience for Thomo.  But Simon admitted later that this is what kept him from letting go!!    It just so happens that Simon's brother is Composer Anthony Ritchie who also features in the Dunedin Symphony article.  Music is obviously in the family! Otago is like that - there are links, albeit tenuous everywhere!

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