It all started for us 15 years ago with the purchase of a bare block of land on the Wanaka/Cromwell Highway. Vineyards were starting to pop up here and there. This particular pocket had been identified as one of the hot spots in temperature studies undertaken prior to the creation of the Clyde dam. The land supported rabbits and a few sheep. The summers dried the grasses to dust....
Oscar grape harvest Snoop Dogg Quinn Thompson Oscar Thompson with Pinot Gris


We are the Thompson family - Carl (also known as Thomo), Oscar, Sue and Quinn. Our two boys Quinn and Oscar have grown, along with the vineyard! These days their enthusiasm for things viticultural is defined by anything with an engine, and anything for wages! Carl once frequented the ice wilderness of Antarctica for 8 seasons, hunting for meteorites – & Sue came from England, previously a Secretary in The Lord Chamberlain's Office, and a Cordon Bleu cook – not normal study paths for grapegrowing. But challenges we both enjoy – particularly tackling them together….
Pinot Noir Harvest Pinot Noir grapes Picking Pinot Noir Thyme Central Otago


Our vineyards are small at this stage – approximately 1 ha of pinot gris and 3 ha of pinot noir. There’s 15 ha of land in total. But life takes many turns and much influences our thinking along the way. We’ve embraced organics. We don’t use herbicides, synthetic chemical fertilisers, insecticides or fungicides on the vineyard – & Sue has become intrigued by biodynamic philosophies. We’re no longer developing a vineyard – we’re working to nurture the land as a whole, into a self-sustaining organism…


The making takes place in Wanaka. Our wonderful winemakers, Dan & Sarah-Kate Dineen and their team, craft our grapes into fine and elegant wines. When you drink a glass of TOSQ wine, we share with you the experience of the site, the season and the hard work of all involved… Cheers!